"This game would be okay if it weren't for the puns. And the talking animals. And the hiding. And the sneaking."
- Gamezdotcom.net
Dame Celeste

The world's greatest castle escaping, stealth-based, dress-up simulator!

How to play:
  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • Stay out of the guards' fields of view.
  • Collect outfit pieces to create disguises.
  • Look out for objects Celeste can hide in.
  • If a guard can't catch you, they'll question you. Answer quickly!

Once upon a time in the desert...
The Walrus King (not really a king, definitely a walrus) has thrown Dame Celeste into his dungeon for her refusal to marry him - and because she just wouldn't shut up about him sharing some of his water with some dying peasants.

Now its up to you, Dame Celeste, to free yourself, escape the dungeon, and save the kingdom. Unfortunately, you're not the warrior type, so you'll need to get a bit... sneaky.
Kelly Snyder, Matthew Guzdial, Adam Le Doux, Chris Burgess, Yardley Jackson, Rose Peng
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