"I don't care what you name your indie game studio. Just don't be another one of those 'adjective animal' studios!"
- Dr. Celia Pearce
Dame Celeste

The world's greatest castle escaping, stealth-based, dress-up simulator!

The Adjective Animal team:
Kelly Snyder

Kelly designed the core concept and mechanics of Dame Celeste, worked on level design, and assembled and managed the Adjective Animal team. Kelly is currently a full time Program Manager in the tech industry. To see more of her work check out www.Kelly-Snyder.com
Matthew Guzdial

Matthew served as the primary developer for Dame Celeste while not busily attempting to graduate from Georgia Tech. Tech unfortunately swallowed him back in and he's presently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science. You can find more of his game dev work at: guzdial.com.
Adam Le Doux

Adam worked on various odds and ends. He built most of the level editor, contributed a number of sprites and animations, did a little writing, edited the trailer, and made this very website! An unrepentant jack-of-all-trades, you can see more of his work on his website.
Chris Burgess

Chris Burgess was the Composer/Sound Designer for Dame Celeste. Chris is currently taking long walks on the beach and finishing a degree in Electronic Production and Design from Berklee College of Music. To see Chris's work vist soundcloud.com/cburgess1.
Rose Peng

Rose set the initial art direction, worked on concept art, and created many sprites and animations: including those for Dame Celeste herself! Rose is mastering in Human Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech. You can see her online portfolio at rosepeng.com.
Yardley Jackson

Yardley worked on concept art and provided the finished versions of the story slides, title splash, and team logo. She continues to stay up until ungodly hours slaving over art books to improve her work. You can find her art and inspirations at kabukins.tumblr.com.

Adjective Animal Studios is:
Kelly Snyder, Matthew Guzdial, Adam Le Doux, Chris Burgess, Yardley Jackson, Rose Peng