Games & Non-Research Projects


  • Electro Terrestrials

    2 Player, Mobile iOS App Store

    Indie game developed by the Georgia Tech Game Studio.

    Role: PM/Designer

  • NFL Showdown

    Manager, Mobile iOS App Store Android Play Store Official Site

    Manager mobile game developed by the Zynga Sports 365 studio.

    Role: Developer/Designer

  • Dame Celeste

    Stealth, Web Official Website

    Indie game developed with a team of six developers over half a year.

    Principal Developer/Designer

  • Dramatech presents After The Quake

    In the Spring 2013 I worked with DramaTech Theater, Georgia Tech's student run theater program to build a Kinect system for their production of Haruki Murakami's After the Quake. This allowed actors to "conduct" a series of light effects.