• Automated Game Creation from Gameplay Videos

    Automated Game Creation from Gameplay Videos supports novice developers creating games for education, entertainment, and other purposes. It draws on probabilistic modeling, rule learning, and machine vision to extract design knowledge from videos of humans playing games and reinterpret this knowledge to a desired effect. In the above video see an AI agent trained on gameplay videos of Super Mario Bros. make design suggestions to a novice designer. For further see this Workshop Paper or this WIRED article for a good summary.

  • Scheherazade-IF

    Scheherazade-IF is an "open interactive narrative generator", capable of creating an interactive narrative game of near-human quality on any subject. It learns this model by reading stories on the desired subject. The system relies on crowdsourcing from everyday individuals to supply these stories, addressing the time and experience requirements of game development.

    In the example above (right) see an in progress interactie narrative created by Scheherazade-IF. Scheherazade-IF constructed this interactive narrative based on crowdsourced stories concerning bank robberies. For further see this Conference Paper or this Popular Science article for a good summary.